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Yiddish Courses in Berlin
From October 31st, I teach offline courses in Berlin-Mitte. There are two groups right now: beginners and intermediate students. New groups will be announced in January. More information under the link:
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Yiddish for Beginners II
Starting April 8
This course is suitable for students who just learned the alef-beys and are in the beginning of their Yiddish journey, as well as experienced speakers who wish to get a structured vision of the Yiddish grammar. Using a variety of materials, we will cover basic Yiddish language rules, read texts, and complete practice exercises as a group. By the end of the course, you will know present, past, and future tenses, declination of nouns, articles, and adjectives, negation of verbs, relative sentences, and more.
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Intermediate II Yiddish
Starting April 6
This class is for experienced learners who want to deepen and enrich their knowledge of the language. Each class will have time dedicated to conversation, reading, and grammar. We will review basics and learn advanced grammar topics such as periphrastic verbs, conditional mood, passive tense, momentary aspect of verbs, complex syntax, and more.
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