Language Teaching
I offer individual and group lessons in Yiddish and Hebrew, workshops, and intensive courses online and offline in Germany.
You can schedule a session with me by filling out the contact form or joining one of the upcoming courses.
Lectures and Seminars
I offer a variety of topics in the frames of the following themes:
–History of Yiddish Literature;
–History and Culture of Jews in Eastern Europe;
–Jewish History and Tradition;
–Jewish-Christian Literary Contacts;
–Yiddish in the Modern World
–Yiddish–English / English–Yiddish;
–Yiddish–Russian / Russian–Yiddish.
Texts about Jewish culture and history:
–Russian–English / English–Russian.
If you are a musician, writer, scriptwriter, moviemaker, artist, or young scholar dealing with Yiddish and Jewish history, I can help you as a tutor and researcher.
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