What my students say about me
Simon Holloway,
Katerina is a wonderful teacher. I found her to be extremely patient and highly organised, and I really benefited from her ability to tailor our lessons towards my specific interests. The homework that she set me on a weekly basis helped give structure to my learning, and the resources that she provided me with continue to be of benefit today. I would recommend her highly to all who are interested in learning Yiddish.
Anna Margolina,
Katerina helped me a lot with the pronunciation - I am a jazz singer and wanted to implement Yiddish poems into my program. I got the support I needed and also a lot of background information about the language and literature - highly recommended!
Georg Hohn, Germany
I enjoyed both courses (Yiddish Language for Beginners and Shmues for Beginners) very much and learned a lot. The atmosphere was very pleasant and also Katerina managed the different levels of outgoingness of us, students, very nicely.
Michael Nolan, USA
Katerina is an excellent teacher. It is apparent that she carefully planned the lessons. I appreciate that she was willing to carefully check the homework and I learned a lot from her comments on it.
Jessica Rehfield, USA
Thank you so much for the History of Yiddish Literature course! I found the class to be interesting and enjoyable, and I especially appreciate all of the references for further exploration and research.
Diana Lieb,
The workshop on Yiddish verbs was incredibly helpful to me. Katerina presented both familiar and unfamiliar grammar understandably. Her technical understanding of Yiddish fed my linguist's neshome! A groysn dank!
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