Yiddish Courses in Berlin
Information about the current Yiddish courses offline in Berlin
Currently, I don't teach any courses in Berlin due to maternity leave. But you can have a glimpse below of my last course for intermediate students!
Yiddish course for Intermediate Students

This course is for you if you already have learned Yiddish before, you can read well and have a conversation in Yiddish. Here you can continue your studies and get to the next level.

Using written language materials, we will go deeper into Yiddish grammar and learn vocabulary for topics in history and literature. We will begin by repeating the basics such as the past, the present, and future tense, and the declination of articles and adjectives, basic word order, separable prefixes, etc.
Advanced grammar aspects include complex syntax and idiomatic constructions, verbs with loshn-koydeshdike components, passive and conditional tense, present participle, and more. We will use original literary texts in Yiddish, contemporary articles, as well as interviews in Yiddish.
In each lesson, we will have a shmues, grammar, and reading parts. Your homework will include grammar exercises, writing assignments, and a final presentation.
The course is taught primarily in Yiddish.

When? Sundays, 13.00–14.30
How long? The course includes 10 weekly sessions, from March 13th to May 22nd
Where? Base Berlin – Hillel Deutschland (you will get the address after the registration and a brief security check)
How much? Regular price: 150€ for the course. Students (with student ID): 120€
How big if the group? 3 to 7 people
How to register? Fill the application form

Contact me if you have any questions!
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