Katerina Kuznetsova, Yiddishist

Yiddish lessons, seminars, consultations, and lectures. Check "Teaching" for the recent updates.
Sholem aleykhem!
I am a specialist in the Yiddish language and literature with broader expertise in the history and culture of Jews in Eastern Europe. I hold an MA degree in Yiddish Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Since 2020, I teach regular Yiddish courses with such institutions as VHS Hamburg, Kadimah Centre Melbourne, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, YAAANA, as well as independent classes. I live in Berlin, and am a co-founder and an active member of the yiddish.berlin group.
Apart from teaching, I work with Yiddish texts and texts related to Jewish history in Europe as a translator, editor, and writer.
I also offer consultations for musicians, writers, movie-makers, and artists who want to introduce Yiddish into their works.
  • Yiddish lessons: private sessions, classes in groups of up to 15 people, workshops
  • Consultations on Yiddish pronunciation and grammar
  • Lectures about Yiddish literature and history of Jews in Eastern Europe
Dr. Georg Hohn, Germany
I enjoyed both courses (Yiddish Language for Beginners and Shmues for Beginners) very much and learned a lot. The atmosphere was very pleasant and also Katerina managed the different levels of outgoingness of us, students, very nicely.
Michael Nolan, USA
Katerina is an excellent teacher. It is apparent that she carefully planned the lessons. I appreciate that she was willing to carefully check the homework and I learned a lot from her comments on it.
Jessica Rehfield, USA
Thank you so much for the History of Yiddish Literature course! I found the class to be interesting and enjoyable, and I especially appreciate all of the references for further exploration and research.
Email: kuznetsova.yiddish@gmail.com
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